Rink Fees & Charges

The Membership and Rink fees have been reviewed and a revised pricing structure will be implemented as from 1st August 2013. However the rink fees could be the subject to further review during this financial year and the committee may have to implement an increase should our income forecast not be fully achieved to ensure the commitments can be met and the business remains viable. We will strive to keep the fees at the current prices for the next 12 months. Membership Fees due from August 31st 2017.

Membership (August to August)

  • Adults £40.00
  • Under 25 by September 1st in Year of Application £10.00
  • Free to Juniors under 18 by September 1st in Year of Application
  • Locker hire per year Member £5.00 
  • Locker Hire Non Member £10.00 Subject to availability


Rink Fees

League play per person per 2 hour session                                               

  • Triples   £2.80 - £8.40 per team                 
  • Pairs      £3.30 - £6.60 per team                     
  • National Competitions £3.00 Per Person
  • Club Competitions £1.00 Per Person Per Hour


Casual play per person per session - Members may Book 7 Days in advance, Non -Member can only Book
3 Days in advance. Members will be given preference.


  • 2 hour                        £3.30                           
  • 1 hour                        £1.65 
  • Junior Under 18 Free                                

Non Member

  • 2 hour                        £4.30                                  
  • 1 hour                        £2.15                             
Special Offer: Friday 12.00pm to 8pm - Saturday 10am - 2pm - Sunday 10am - 2pm  Members £2.60 for 2 Hours, Non-Members £3.60 for 2 Hours, Non-Member may not book in advance. 

Equipment is Free of Charge                

National area finals will be free for visitors. This will be to promote the centre and attract a high standard of play as in line with the club’s aims, objectives and aspirations.